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Portugal - chaves

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For sale Urban Domaine Luxury Complex Project Priv

0 pièces  20800 m2      Annonce du 2016-04-18 15:39:08

20.000m2. An excellent opportunity for investors, or for the fellow, of the United States from Canada, or other countries, from America or Europe. Domaine area> 20.000m2, Project Complex Luxury Private Villas Luxury Pools and Gardens, bathed by River Tamega. Views Chaves Castle, river Tamega saw the Brunheiro and Mairos saw. Promotion Sale Domaine fifth watermill of agapito Chaves Portugal, May 31, 2016 Volume of the Notarial Office costs Discount sale for €654.654€ EUR Address du Domaine: Azenha Street Agapito # 120, 5400 Chaves Portugal Fifth mill of agapito area> 2 hectares, located downstream in the southern part of the city 850 meters from the castle tower of Homage, 650 meters from the grout thermal instance, bathed by the river Tâmega, situated between the river Tâmega, mill street agapito (run-bike path runners-pedestrian) and Bracara Augusta avenue No. 73-81 (EN.103 Chaves Braga) The fifth mill of agapito a place has always considered the ex-libris of the city keys, very privileged with an immense potential for a privately owned, offers great possibilities to the imagination and creativity will the investment allows the investor to build what better frame on the value of your investment. Some examples of building: Individual villas or luxury chalets, 4/5***** star hotel, restaurants to large events, buildings with capacity for 30 or 40 luxury villas with swimming pools, saunas, gardens for kids and adults, tennis court, recreation areas and access to trail-bike path runners-pedestrian. The city of Chaves is north of Portugal and its border location in ancient times was vulnerable to invasions, castles and walls were built to protect the city, which still today dominates much of the city. At the time of the Roman invasion of the Iberian peninsula, the Romans settled in the valley of the river Tâmega, where now stands the city and fortifications built by the periphery, taking advantage of some of the existing forts. For defense of agglomerations walls were erected and, for the river crossing, built the Roman bridge of Trajano. Encouraged the use of medicinal mineral hot water, deploying thermal spas, explored minerals, especially gold-bearing veins, and other natural resources. Such was the importance of this urban center, which was elevated to municipality category in year 79 AD when Titus Flavius Vespasian ruled. The city of Chaves, includes monuments of great value to historical levels, castle keep, holy Castle francisco, Neutel holy castle, the grout thermal instance, the Roman bridge of Trajano, key casino, 5 star hotels, district hospital, municipal airfield, freeway AE24, EN2, EN103, EN213. The rich and fertile valley of keys with natural irrigation a refined cuisine, sausages, ham and biscuits keys, with medicinal hot springs in five very nearby locations: keys, Vidago and Campilho, salted rocks and Carvalhelhos. The Spa Caldas de Chaves, are known since roman times, are located along the river Tâmega (river which bathes the city) and the medieval town. The thermal waters spring from the bowels of the valley of volcanic origin, ending the surface with unique features and composition. In these there is a Spa unpolluted atmosphere and surrounding space for the public to drink this water, much appreciated by tourists, aquistas and patients seeking relief from physical and mental stress. It is during the summer when there is the influx of thousands of aquistas across the country and abroad, but given the water temperature is increasing the demand for baths and treatments in the winter months. The thermal instance Vidago 15 km Chaves is also known for its hot springs, and the Hotel Vidago Palace Hotel 5 stars natural terrain park and golf. These waters are part with the Vichy waters (France), both being the most important in Europe. This village of Vidago is also known for its beautiful palace, the Vidago Palace Hotel. Hotel of international reputation that has natural park and golf course to organize championships in this mode. This golf course is set in a picturesque valley, meticulously cared for by maintenance specialists Golf paths, it consists of 10 holes par 4, 4 par 5 and 4 to 3 a total distance of 6.308 km. The thermal instance of Salgadas Stones 25 km Chaves is also known for its thermal waters. The power of these waters and the natural beauty of this place, contribute to the well-being of tourists arriving from all over the world. The thermal instance Carvalhelhos 30 km Chaves is, also known for its hot springs, the natural beauty of this place and barroso saw. Key distances by motorway: Porto Portugal 140 km, 450 km Lisbon Portugal, Santiago de Compostela Spain 180 km, Andorra 920 Km, 830 Km Bordeaux France, Paris France 1,400 km, 1,700 km Brussels Belgium. Sá Carneiro Airport, Porto 140 Km drive to 1:15 a.m. Sea and beach at 135 Km 1:10 a.m. Freeway car


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